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Inexpensive Ways To Prep Your Older Home For Sale

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Chances are if you are looking to sell your older home, your main focus is on maximizing your profits with as little effort and out-of-pocket cost as possible. There are some minor upgrades that can increase the perceived value of your home. The good news is, these cost very little and they are simple enough that you can do them all yourself over the course of a weekend.

Upgrade the hardware

One of the quickest things to date a home is the doorknobs and handles throughout. Get rid of the old, ugly, face brass or chrome knobs and handles and update to a more modern brushed chrome, nickel, or aged bronze finish. If you have old glass doorknobs, keep these -- but clean the old brass parts to bring back the shine and to remove the tarnish so they look almost new again.

Install new light fixtures

Built-in light fixtures are another thing that can make a home seem outdated, while new fixtures provide an instant modern touch (as well as better lighting). Replace dated, brass plate chandeliers and pendants with more modern versions that match the style of the home. The old builder's special dome lights that were often used in kitchens and bedrooms don't always fit modern CFL light bulbs, so it's also a good idea to update these.

Update the faucets

The faucets and taps in your bathroom and kitchen can make a room seem dingy, while newer models provide a sleek touch of modernness that helps liven up the space. Once again, ditch the chrome and go for brushed nickel or antique bronze finishes. In the shower, change out the basic head for a wide shower head with multiple settings. Water-saver models are a plus. In the kitchen, tall faucets that make it easy to fill large pots are preferred, as are faucets sets that include a spray nozzle.

Bust out the paint

Paint is the secret weapon of anyone looking to sell. If possible, repaint the entire interior with a fresh coat of neutral-colored paint. If this isn't possible, consider at least painting the trim and any rooms that are especially garish in color. A fresh coat of paint on the front door is also a good idea, since the entrance is where your first impression on a buyer is made.

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