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Don't Make These Mistakes When You Shoot Photos Of Your House For Sale

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When you're putting up your single family home for sale and are attempting to save as much money as possible, you might be inclined to shoot your own photos for the listing instead of hire a professional to do it. While a professional photographer will take shots that show your home in the best way possible, you can still take some decent shots to include in the listing on your own. It's important, however, that you take care to avoid making the mistakes that will quickly reveal your photos to be amateur. Here are some mistakes to stay away from.

Showing Signs Of Yourself

Amateur photos can stand out for all the wrong reasons because the person taking the shot is revealed to some degree. This can occur when you're taking a photo of a room with a mirror. For example, when you're shooting the bathroom, you need to be careful to shoot from an angle so that you're not visible in the mirror. Likewise, if you're shooting in certain lighting conditions, your shadow might be visible across the floor. These issues may seem minor, but they don't show your listing in a positive light, so take care to avoid them.

Failing To Stage Appropriately

Ideally, you'll know the importance of cleaning each room thoroughly before you photograph it. However, cleaning is only half of the necessary preparation. It's also ideal to stage each room appropriately. For example, if you're shooting in the direction of the kitchen table, the table shouldn't contain a bag of groceries or your children's homework. Instead, set the table with decorative placemats, plates, and utensils, and include a centerpiece or candles to improve the look of the table. If you take a similar approach to each of your shots, there's a higher probability that they'll look professional.

Shooting With The Wrong Light

Shots that are too dark or too light can ineffectively portray your home. A professional puts considerable effort into lighting the scene before shooting, so you should be diligent in this area, too. Shoot at a time of the day in which there is ample natural light coming into your home. This will prevent you from having to use your camera's flash, which can have a tendency to wash things out. Turning on some lights in the room can be effective, too, but you should always take a shot with the lights off and another with the lights on so that you can evaluate which shot looks best. If you're unhappy with the quality of your images, it's best to talk to your real estate agent and get a recommendation for a professional photographer.