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How To Buy And Clear Land In Your Favorite Neighborhood Without Credit

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Trying to build real estate without credit is always possible. If you are interested in setting down roots, but you are unwilling to use credit for whatever reason, you will have to use hard work and a little elbow grease. Here are some steps to buying land, clearing the land, and putting up a home in your favorite neighborhood without issues. 

Save for the cheapest plot of land

If you want to move into a specific area without using any credit or loans, you should save for the cheapest plot of land in the area. As long as the plot is zoned for residential usage and it is level enough, you will be able to make changes and sit a house of your choice on the land. Get help from a real estate professional like SWE Homes to negotiate the best possible cash price in order to save. 

Clear off the land by hand

Though most people will clear off the land that they intend to build on with the help of a bulldozer and other major construction equipment. If you need to save money you can invest in or borrow handheld materials. You can use a lawnmower to cut down any grass and get a machete to cut down anything excessive weeds, bushes, or other sets of growth. A shovel can help to dig up gravel and small stumps, and prepare your ground for the foundation. Be sure to uproot your trees so that there is no reason to worry about foundation issues later. This will be cheaper and easier in the long run. 

Buy plans and build a garage or shed

If you need to take your time building a home due to financing the home on your own, consider getting plans made then setting up the garage or shed first. If you have plans for the home on file with the city, you will be able to first construct the garage or a small shed that does not need plans or an inspection. Be sure that the garage or shed has temperature control and a proper slap flooring. You will be able to move into your garage or shed while you put all of your money towards building your brand new home. Being able to save on all living expenses and putting all of your income towards your home may allow you to complete your home within a year with absolutely no debt.