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In A Hurry To Sell Your Home? Try These Suggestions

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When a seller needs to get out of the home fast, help might be needed. Whether it's because you've already found a home you want to buy, you need to move for a job, or for other reasons, follow the below tips and unload your home in a hurry. 

Contact a Real Estate Agent Immediately

Real estate agents can quickly get your home listed and marketed. Most agents operate within a network of other agents, and they usually keep a list of potential buyers handy when a home hits the marketplace. Using an agent means fast, professional photos and a web presence. Real estate agents are also backed up by other professionals who can help get buyers lined up to tour the home. Best of all, real estate agents know exactly how to price your home to give you maximum money while appealing to buyers and encouraging a fast response.

Consider a Cash Only Sale

Some buyers are pre-approved and can get their lending approved quickly. However, any time lending is part of the sale it will automatically take longer to close. Some buyers come ready to buy with the proceeds of a home sale, an inheritance, savings, or other windfalls. However, look out for buyers with cash that demand rock-bottom prices, concessions, contingencies, and more in exchange for the convenience of a cash sale. On the other hand, flippers are part of the real estate market now and many will pay cash for a quick sale.

"As Is" Homes

You don't necessarily have to upgrade your home to sell it. Some buyers are good at fixing things or they might want to make the home their own by doing their own upgrades. If you don't have time to make changes, your home will still garner its share of attention but perhaps not the highest offers. Be wary though of two things if you go this route:

  1. The appraisal. Most lenders require the buyer have a professional appraisal performed on the home. The home must appraise at the price of the financing, or the deal is a no-go.
  2. The inspection. It's common for buyers to have a professional inspection done on the home. For homes with repair issues, the inspection will likely turn up problems both big and small. It's best, if you know about major issues, to let the real estate agent know about them before the home is inspected.

Speak to a home seller to find out more.