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Home Preparation Recommendations to Get Your Home Ready For Sale

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Summer may not be your first choice to put your home on the market, but often it is a requirement when you need to sell your home due to work or other situations that may require you to relocate and move. To help you get your home ready for its summer sale, there are specific details you don't want to overlook. Here are some recommendations to help boost the sales opportunities of your home this summer.

Update the Exterior

The outside of your home is an important detail of your home because its photo will likely be the first image on your home's online sales listing. Be sure you paint any peeling paint on trim, overhangs, and other painted surfaces on your home. You should also wash the windows to help the glass look its best; then trim up shrubbery, remove weeds, add mulch to bedding areas, and keep the lawn trimmed regularly. Although trimming your lawn once a week is fine for everyday yard care, you will want to mow it more frequently during the summer while your home is up for sale so it always looks sharp to potential buyers.

Improve the Interior-Environment

Just as you can do some upkeep and cleaning to the exterior of your home, you will also want to take similar attention to the inside of your home to get it sale-ready. Look around at the decor and items you have displayed or piled inside your home. Remove and pack away any personalized items or decor that is specific to your personality that is going to deter from its appearance. A buyer may not want to see photos of your pets and family per se, but will probably want to see how the size of the room accommodates a set of furniture. 

Next, be sure you clean surfaces, such as the floor, and repaint the walls and baseboards to improve their condition. A good coat of paint will hide scratches and nail holes from your family photos, but it is also going to make the walls appear fresh and ready for a new buyer. Try to select a neutral color that is going to showcase the space best, such as a beige or light grey.

You can also reorganize and declutter your storage areas and closets to minimize the items inside these spaces. Because storage areas are already smaller in size, you don't want to cram them full of boxes and clothing because this can make them appear even smaller. Instead, remove items that are crammed into the space so there is extra room around your storage items and clothing to help maximize its appearance in size.

Keep these tips in mind when talking with a real estate selling agent near you.