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3 Advantages Of A Two-Bedroom Coral Ridge Tower Condo

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As you consider condo options, one of the main decisions you need to make is the number of rooms you want. Condos typically offer one-, two-, or three-bedroom styles. If you are looking into or leaning towards a two-bedroom condo, learn about the advantages of condo floor plans and designs.

1. Master Bathroom

When you choose a two-bedroom condo of a single bedroom, one of the biggest advantages is doubling the bathroom space you have. The master bedroom will include a master bathroom with a toilet, tub, and sink. You can enjoy the privacy of your own bathroom with direct bedroom access. In addition, you can have your own medicine cabinet with prescriptions and personal items.

A second bathroom acts as a guest bathroom and gives visitors a place to freshen up without impeding on your personal space. The second bathroom is often located close to the second bedroom for anyone who lives with you or stays over.

2. Extra Room Options

If you are single or share a room with a partner, you may not need an extra bedroom, but you can still find a lot of extra ways to utilize the space. A two-bedroom condo gives you a lot of extra floor space and flexibility. You could turn the extra bedroom into a large walk-in closet. You may even use the area for extra storage.

If you work from home, convert the space into a home office. Bedrooms feature plenty of space to install a desk and computer equipment. You would even have extra space for a reading nook or quiet relaxation area. With the extra room, you will not feel so limited and have room to expand and use the space in different ways.

3. Larger Balconies

A two-bedroom condo doesn't just come with an extra room but will include more square footage overall. One of the areas the extra space includes is the outdoor balcony. Check out the floor plans for various two-bedroom condos to see the different balcony sizes.

Often, you will find larger balconies. The extra space gives you more room to use the outdoor area. This means you can purchase patio furniture or set up a large grill. When sliding doors open up from the living room, the extra space can make your main living area feel larger as well.

Take your time to study floor plans and see the differences before you make a final decision on what size condo you want to purchase. To get started, consider options like Coral Ridge Towers original condos