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A Guide to Land Auctions

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Are you a seller or buyer looking to make a land transaction? The land sale process can be lengthy given the many market variables. Often, the back-and-forth negotiations cause delays in the process. You can bypass these negotiation hurdles by selling or buying land through an auction. This post provides critical insights into land auctions and their benefits.

What Is Land Auction? 

A land auction allows potential buyers operating with the same information to bid for a property simultaneously. In this way, the competition is fair since the seller applies the same terms to all buyers. More so, it is possible to sell land in a short window of time.

Types of Land Auctions

Absolute auction

In this type of land auction, the highest bidder wins the deal regardless of the bid price. There are no bid minimums or reserves, and the last and highest bidder buys the assets. Typically, absolute auctions are ideal when you want to dispose of land quickly. 

Reserve Auction 

In a reserve auction, the auctioneer sets the minimum price one can bid for the property. Thus, the auctioneer sells the property to the last and highest bidder, provided the offer is higher than the reserve price. This alternative is ideal for land with mortgage properties. 

Benefits of Land Auctions

Buyers Commitment 

A disadvantage of conventional land sales is that one cannot tell if they will end up with a sales agreement. Thus, you may invest a lot of time, energy, and finances only for the deal to fall through. When you sell land through an auction, you are likely to attract only committed buyers. Typically, auctions have a non-refundable bidding fee for any prospective buyer. Such a commitment weeds out jokers from the auction process.

Speedy Sales 

A land auction shortens the land sales process. Ordinarily, the auction process has a given timeline. The auction advertisement runs for specific days leading up to the auction day. More so, there is no time for back-and-forth negotiations. When the bidding opens, the present buyers make their auction bids, and the highest bidder gets the property in real-time. Therefore, the parties do not have to worry about investing a lot of time in negotiations. 


Buyers participating in a land auction are assured of an equal opportunity to buy the property. Ordinarily, the buyers have the same information about the property and, at times, the reserve price. More so, the auctioneer only sells to the highest bidder, and all other factors are held constant. Such equity makes land auction attractive to many buyers. Besides, equal access to information and participation allows the buyers to reach the actual market price of the land.

Land auctions offer an ideal method of disposing of land compared to traditional sales. Sell or buy land through auctions, and get a fair market price at lesser time and negotiations.