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3 Things Home Buyers Should Negotiate With Residential Real Estate

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There are many steps in buying a residential home, but that doesn't mean it has to be difficult to negotiate. There are many aspects you can negotiate when working with home sellers, with these being some of the most important.

Listing Price

The listing price is what the seller puts their home value at. It's a flexible number that you need to pay particular attention to, especially if you want to save money on residential real estate. Whatever the listing price is at, there is always room to come down. You just need to approach this topic with reservation. 

Before you start the negotiating process, you want to have a pretty good idea of the home value in the area. You can then better assess the seller's listing price and see where there is room to come down. If you're not too offensive with a counter-offer, the seller may change what they're hoping to get. 

Closing Date

When you purchase residential real estate that you'll be moving into, you probably want to close as quickly as possible. However, you can't just move in whenever you want. The seller has some say because they have to get things moved out of the property.

With that said, you can always negotiate the exact closing date. You just need to give the seller enough time to get things in order with their property. If you do, then they may move the closing date up to accommodate your excitement about this home sale.

Cosmetic Updates

If you're not moving into a home that's new or in perfect condition, then you have the right to negotiate some cosmetic updates with whichever seller you plan on buying from. It could be for things like exterior paint, the condition of the landscaping, or touch-ups on the interior.

To get these cosmetic updates worked into the sale of the home, you need to bring them up as quickly as possible. The seller may not accept all of your cosmetic update requests, but having them fix some may make this real estate investment much more worth it to you.

A lot of what goes on in the sale of residential real estate is give and take from buyers and sellers. If you're the buyer in this equation, know what is possible to negotiate and make sure you approach these discussions with absolute care. You can then get what you want and enjoy the property more. Look for residential real estate in an area you like to get started.