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Choosing The Right Office Space For Your New Environmental Charity

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Climate change, pollution, and loss of biodiversity are issues that have come to define the 21st century, and more and more concerned individuals and groups are starting charities to support various environmental causes. However, while starting up a charity to fight fossil fuel consumption, illegal logging, or single-use plastics can be immensely rewarding, it can also be very challenging, and finding suitable office space your charity can operator out of can present difficulties at an early stage.

Almost any office space will do as a headquarters for your new environmental charity, but there are factors such as location and available amenities to consider. If you are looking for office space for lease for your new green charity, keep an eye out for offices with the following useful properties:

High speed internet access

In the modern digital age, few new charities will get off the ground if they don't harness the networking and fundraising power of the internet. As such, any office space suitable for a new environmental charity should have reasonably fast internet speeds with a reliable connection that does not suffer from frequent interruptions.

Generally, most inner-city office spaces will come with a reliable internet connection, but if you are looking for less expensive spaces in the suburbs or out of town, internet speeds can be more of an issue. Make sure you know what to expect from your internet connection before signing any lease. Talk to other businesses using the same office building if possible, and make sure to work through a reputable and well-informed leasing agent.

Nearby public transport links

People who work for environmental charities tend not to drive gas-guzzling trucks, and finding an office space close to public transportation links will make it easier for your employees to get to and from work with a cleaner conscience.

Office spaces close to passenger railroads are particularly useful, providing a more environmentally alternative to flights if you need to send employees on long-distance fundraising trips. Convenient access to public transport also means that you won't need to choose an office space with extensive private parking facilities, which can be cripplingly expensive in urban locations.

Shared working facilities

Shared office spaces are becoming increasingly popular for commercial businesses, but they are particularly useful for charities and other non-profit organizations. Sharing your office space with other charities or businesses can have a number of benefits; occupancy costs are lower, and your leasing options tend to be more flexible if you need to expand or downsize unexpectedly. Shared office spaces also give you instant access to potential commercial partners right on your doorstep.