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Looking To Move Into An Apartment Without A Vehicle? Prioritize The Right Features

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Living in an apartment without a car in a place such as New York City or Chicago should be easy to do. The public transit systems they have set up almost encourages people to live without a car. While there are many other cities that do a great job with public transportation, many residents still rely on driving. If you are interested in moving into an apartment and not owning a vehicle at all, you should focus on certain features because this is how you will ensure you have a positive experience with the apartment you pick.

Walking Distance to Groceries

One of the most important errands that you must run is shopping for groceries. These trips will likely make up the heaviest trips that you go on because you need to feed everyone living in the apartment. It is worth prioritizing apartments that are close enough to a grocery store to take care of your grocery needs. This will keep you from having to ride a bike, take public transit, or rely on a friend's car to shop.

Public Transit to Work

An absolute essential when apartment hunting while not intending to own a car is making sure that you will always be able to get to work. Relying on a carpool is not the greatest idea because your initial plans could fall apart and then you would be stuck without reliable transportation to work. In an ideal situation, you would be able to walk to work, but at the very least, public transit must be an option.

Emergency Services Close By

It is not often that you will need to utilize emergency services, so it is not a necessity for these things to be very close to where you live. But, this does not mean you should forego looking at emergency help altogether. If you have pets, you will want to make sure an emergency animal clinic is nearby. Being within walking distance is great, but it is also possible to call a taxi to get a quick ride to your destination. Another place you will want to have nearby is a hospital to minimize the time it takes to get medical assistance.

It is easy to get caught up in the many attractive features that you will find with various apartments for rent, but you should make sure to keep features that help you while living car-free at the top of your priority list.