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The Pros And Cons Of Painting A Floor Before Selling Your Home

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When you are preparing your home to go on the market, you may suddenly start to see imperfections that you never noticed before. Suddenly that "homey" raw floor may bother you, and you may start to wonder how you can easily give a room a makeover. Painting a floor in your home can be just what you need to make a room look fantastic, but it is not for every home seller or every home buyer. Here are the pros and cons of painting a floor before placing it for sale.

Pro: It's a Quick, Easy Project That Can Be Done in a Weekend

Painting your floor can be one of the most effective and least stressful home improvement projects you can take on as you prepare your home to be sold. This quick, easy project can be completed in a weekend, and you may even get most of the work done in a single day.

Con: Painted Floors May Not Appeal to Most Home Buyers

Not every home buyer will be a fan of how a painted floor looks. Some people will go into a home showing or open house with clear ideas on the type of floor their ideal home should have. Seeing a painted floor may throw them off and make it more difficult for them to imagine living there.

Pro: A Coat of Paint Will Hide Minor Imperfections in the Floor

You can easily hide minor imperfections in a floor with a coat of paint, which can be awesome for open houses and first showings. You ultimately do need to talk to potential home buyers about any flaws on the floor, but not accentuating them upon first glance of a room is fine.

Con: It Can Be Hard to Get Perfect if You Are Not an Experienced Painter

As easy as painting a floor can be in some ways, it can get complicated quickly. If you choose a pattern on your floor, getting it just right can be hard. However, precision will be expected in a time when tile can easily provide a uniform look.

Pro: You Can Easily Customize a Painted Floor With Any Pattern

One of the fun aspects of painting a floor is that it gets you ultimate freedom. You don't have to limit yourself to existing patterns and modern tile trends. You can go with a traditional look, or you can experiment with a modern art feel. Nothing is off limits when you are painting it yourself, but it is best to keep things simple to appeal to the most people when selling the home.

Finally, keep in mind that painted floors can capture the imagination of many home buyers, but they won't appeal to everyone. Talk to a real estate agent from a company like Norchar about your target home buyers and your opinion about painted floors. Ultimately, it's important to weigh the pros and cons, then go with what feels right to you when it comes to deciding whether you want to paint your floors before selling your house.