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Consider Gently Steering Your Undecided Child Toward a Career in Real Estate Based on These Traits

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When you have a child who has graduated high school or college but is having trouble determining what he or she wants to do as a career, it can be helpful to offer your gentle suggestions based on the traits you see in the child. For some people, identifying their strengths can be a challenge, which can leave them bouncing from job to job without deriving much satisfaction. A career in real estate is something that can be highly satisfying and profitable for those with the right personality traits. If you see the following traits in your child, consider nudging him or her to explore this field.

Enthusiasm for Talking to Strangers

Those who are extroverts often make successful real estate agents, given their fondness for talking to people. If your child shows a willingness to meet new people and doesn't shy away from conversation, this can be a trait that is applicable to the world of real estate. Whether helping someone sell or buy a home, the agent needs to be able to listen to the client's preferences, while also communicating his or her professional opinion to provide value to the client. Agents will often spend long hours with clients, so being an extrovert is a benefit.

A Fondness for Daily Variety

If you've heard your child complain about the monotony of his or her current job and dream of a career in which each day is different, real estate might be a suitable choice. Real estate agents get to spend the hours in their day in a variety of ways — an agent could be meeting a new client over coffee, spending some time working on marketing material for a home listing, and climbing into an attic with a home inspector to assess a problem, all in the course of a few hours. This variety can be appealing to those who enjoy it.

No Strong Desire to "Be Right"

Some people always feel the need to be right — and this isn't an ideal trait for real estate agents. While agents will be relied upon to provide their professional guidance, they must defer to their clients. If your child enjoys providing input in various conversations but isn't troubled if someone goes against him or her, this trait can be helpful in real estate. For example, a listing agent will provide a suggested listing price for a homeowner selling a home. But, at the end of the day, it's the homeowner's right to list the residence for whatever he or she chooses, even if that number goes against the agent's suggestion.