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Is It Possible To Rent An Apartment After Bankruptcy?

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A bankruptcy can be instrumental in helping you get your financial affairs in order. Even though it could potentially be a positive step towards a healthy future, some landlords are reluctant to rent their apartments to people who have recently filed for bankruptcy. If you are having trouble finding an apartment, here are some tips to help you find a rental.

Reassure the Landlord

If a potential landlord is worried that your bankruptcy filing could impact your ability to pay the rent, you need to reassure him or her. One way is to inform the landlord that filing helped to give you the space you needed to make plans for a more sound financial future.  

The landlord might have some concern that you will skip out on the rent and include the fees that are owed in a future filing. You will need to educate the landlord on the limitations of a bankruptcy filing, including the fact that you cannot legally file for bankruptcy again for a period of time. Explain that it is unlikely that you will need to file again.

In addition to discussing your future finances with the landlord, you should consider explaining to him or her how you ended up filing for bankruptcy. Unexpected situations, such as a medical crises, are understandable and the landlord might feel more comfortable renting to you if he or she believes it was a one-time situation.

Obtain Letters from Past Landlords

If you were consistent in paying your rent prior to filing for bankruptcy, contact your previous landlords and ask them to provide you with reference letters. The letters can vouch for your commitment to meet that obligation and can help ease any anxiety a potential landlord has about renting to you.

If you were inconsistent in paying in the period immediately before you filed for bankruptcy, you can explain to the landlord about your financial difficulties.

If you have not rented in the past, any friends or family who can attest to your commitment to helping cover expenses where you resided can help. For instance, if you stayed with your parents, they can write a letter that explains you did help with paying bills.

A bankruptcy on your credit history does not automatically mean that you are disqualified from renting an apartment. By proving to the landlord that you are not as big of a risk as it might appear, you can possibly overcome any challenge that he or she might have to renting to you.