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This Is Why You Should Consider Using The Same Agent To Buy And Sell

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When you're selling your home and looking to buy another home, many people hire different real estate agents to help them through each process. The premise of having a buying agent and a selling agent can often be beneficial — after all, if you can find agents who specialize in both of these areas, the process of buying and selling should go smoothly. However, you don't necessarily have to hire to two agents. If you can find a real estate agent who is experienced in representing buyers on each side of the process, you'll experience a number of advantages. Here are some benefits of this situation.

You'll Be Ready To Hit The Market Faster

It can take some time to find the right real estate agent for you. For example, when you're looking for a listing agent for help with selling your home, you may attend open houses to meet agents, seek referrals from friends, and set up interview appointments with a number of agents. By the time you go through a similar process for finding a buying agent, you'll have possibly spent several days hiring these two individuals. If you're comfortable with getting an agent to handle buying and selling, you'll essentially be cutting this time-consuming process in half.

One Person Will Know All Of Your Needs

To maintain a strong relationship with your real estate agent, it's ideal to thoroughly discuss your needs. When you're represented by two agents, this process can take considerable time. Additionally, you'll often find that your needs and expectations can change during the process. For example, you might have wanted to sell your home for a certain price, but after a couple months of limited interest, it's time to change your mindset and lower the price. All of this is easier if you have just one agent representing you.

The Paperwork Will Be Easier

Real estate involves plenty of paperwork, including buyer/seller agreements and other official documentation. With one agent, you'll have fewer pieces of paperwork to sign and manage. If you're represented by two agents, you may find that you have two sizable files of paperwork that you're constantly trying to keep organized. With one agent, the time and effort involved in managing your paperwork will essentially be cut in half. Additionally electronic paperwork will be easier for you — instead of emailing two separate agents whenever you need to update them, you'll just have to send one email and get one response.