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Tips To Finding A Home In The Same Neighborhood As Your BFF

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Having a best friend can make life a lot easier. A best friend, or BFF, is someone who you can lean on during hard times and someone who can help you celebrate the good times. If you and your best friend are more like siblings, it may be important for the two of you to stay together as much as possible. If you and your best friend want to live near one another, house hunting around the same time and in the same neighborhood is a good way to make this happen. Here are four steps to finding a place for two best friends. 

Figure out the commutes and split the difference

The fairest method for finding the right neighborhood for you and your best friend to scout out is to figure out the halfway point for each of your commutes to work, school, or other occupation. If one of you has a more stable job than the other, then you may decide to live a little bit closer to where that job is located. If one or both of you have children, remember to factor in the school districts and any commute that you may have to get to them. 

Search for plots of land

If you and your best friend want different styles of homes, it may be difficult to find in a neighborhood that will accommodate both wish lists. Instead of having to find a neighborhood that has both home styles, find a neighborhood that has two plots of land. That will give you the option to buy and place a specific manufactured home or build a home that fits your needs. Building homes will give you each the chance to get exactly what you want to remain happy in your neighborhood. 

Get backyards facing one another

If you live in the suburbs, a lot of time in good weather will be spent in the backyard. You may also watch one another's kids or animals when one friend is away. Make it easy to share a common area by purchasing lots that sit near each other's backyards. Having adjacent backyards will allow you and your families to make a short commute to visit one another. Backyards that face one another will also afford you more space and privacy for barbecues, parties, or for your kids to play together.

If you and your best friend are inseparable and want to live in the same neighborhood, work with the same real estate agent to find homes for sale that will fit your needs.