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DIY Home Sellers: What Can You Do To Attract Potential Buyers?

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If you're selling your home yourself and can't seem to attract potential buyers, you may want to make a few changes in how you're doing it. Selling a home requires a good standing of the real estate market, including how you present your home and property to buyers. One of the things you might be doing wrong is leaving old tree stumps in your yard, which has the potential to cause numerous problems for your buyers. The way you design your landscape may also affect how you attract potential buyers. Here are things you can do to attract buyers for your home.

Remove Old Tree Stumps 

Old tree stumps can attract termites and other pests over time. Termites can cause structural damage to the home that requires expensive repairs and services to solve. Some buyers may not want to deal with these problems if they're on a budget or just starting out as new homeowners. One of the things you can do to make your home and property more attractive is to remove the stumps.

If you can't remove the stumps yourself, hire a tree service contractor to do it for you. The contractors can also remove the stumps' roots, which can damage the home's plumbing and sewer lines if they grow around or inside them. Once the contractors complete the work, cover the areas with sod and fertilizer to help new grass grow on them.

Keep Your Landscape Simple

Another thing you might do is remove extensive flowers, shrubs and plants from around the home. Not all potential buyers want to perform extensive gardening once they purchase a home, especially if they have a large family or busy work life. In this case, keep your landscape simple.

You can do this by planting flowers that bloom or thrive in multiple seasons, such as perennials and year-round flowers. Some types of plants hibernate in the cold season but bloom in the spring, summer and fall. Also, select plants that require very little watering from the homeowner to survive. You may need to contact a flower shop online or in your area for help with your selections. 

Another thing you might do is add lighting to your front porch, patio or backyard. Lighting is not just important for the inside of the home. It can also keep your potential buyers safe in the future by warding off crime, such as night burglaries. Lighting may also be attractive because it allows buyers to enjoy barbecues and other outdoor activities in safety. You may want to install security lighting for very dark areas around the house and regular lighting for areas that don't require as much security.

If none of the suggestions above work well for you, contact a real estate agent and request professional assistance selling your home.