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Westchester, The Outer Boroughs, And New Jersey: 3 Alternatives To Manhattan Living

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If you and your spouse are looking at homes for sale for more room to raise a family, then you might want to consider leaving Manhattan. While Manhattan is a great place for singles and young couples, it can be a tricky place to raise a family. This is especially true if you don't happen to be fortunate enough to have a tremendous amount of money to spend on a home. Manhattan apartments are small and expensive.

With that in mind this article will provide you with three alternatives. One is a town in Westchester, the second is a town in New Jersey, and the third is an area in The Bronx.

Chatham (New Jersey)

If you want a super safe, spacious environment that is also convenient if you need to commute into Manhattan, then Chatham is a great place to look at. It is also perfect for parents who are looking for a good school district. In fact, it's a big reason so many couples who raise kids love the area so much. The high school in particular was ranked the best in New Jersey.

The vibe of the town is very laid back and charming. There is a center square, lots of little shops and bakeries. It's far enough from the City that you don't have to worry about tons of noise and crime, but it is close enough that you can head into Manhattan to see concerts, go to a show, or a nice dinner.

The train station is located right in the heart of the town, and it heads right into Manhattan. You don't have to make any transfers, so it really simplifies the commute.

Larchmont (Westchester)

Larchmont is a small village located in eastern Westchester, near the Long Island Sound. It was originally a popular summer vacation spot for wealthy New Yorkers, but as the population of the City grew and people started to move into the suburbs, the village became a favored spot. The creation of the railroad made it a perfect spot for people who needed to work in Manhattan, but wanted a quiet place to live. The New Haven line of the Metro north runs from Larchmont directly into midtown Manhattan.

The village is very quiet, and has lots of parks and a great school system. One of the villages best recreation spots is Manor Park. It is a huge, privately owned park that is open to the public. It borders the Long Island Sound. There are picnic areas and ocean front yoga classes, as well as beach access.

Riverdale (The Bronx)

If you really don't want to leave the city, then look north towards Riverdale. It's located in the northwest Bronx. It overlooks the Hudson River. The area is located on a hill. If you head down the hill from Riverdale you will be in Kingsbridge and find the NYC Subway located right on Broadway. You can take this right into Manhattan.

Riverdale has many sections, including the ultra-exclusive Fieldston, where homes can run into the millions of dollars. However, other areas of Riverdale are more affordable. The area has great schools (public, Catholic, and Jewish) as well as Wave Hill. Wave Hill is one of the Bronx's great natural treasures. It is an expansive garden that is open to the public. The site sits overlooking the Hudson and is a wonderful place to spend the weekend.

The area also has lots of restaurants and shopping on Riverdale Ave and Johnson Ave, so you don't have to drive to other areas in the Bronx to shop or head into Manhattan for dinner.