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Three Neighborhoods In Lower Manhattan For Young Singles Looking For A Luxury Apartment Close To Wall Street

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If you work on Wall Street and are looking for a luxury apartment, then you should consider sticking to lower Manhattan. While there are plenty of beautiful homes on the Upper East Side, an apartment in lower Manhattan will let you live much closer to work and skip the long subway ride from the Upper East Side. These neighborhoods are also really fun with lots of restaurants, nightlife, and activities, whereas the Upper East Side is a bit stuffy and more suited to older people and couples raising children.


Tribeca is the area on the west side of Manhattan bellow Canal street. This is where  it gets its name from, Triangle Beneath Canal Street. It's a really great place if you're looking for a spacious, luxury apartment. Tribeca was originally famous for factories which were later converted into artist lofts. Many of these buildings have been transformed into luxury apartments and kept the huge, open floor plans. 

The area is one of the priciest in Manhattan, but it's super close to Wall Street - about a 7 minute commute depending on traffic and time of day.

There are also lots of high-end restaurants, exclusive lounge-style bars and clubs, cobblestone streets, and a laid back atmosphere. 


If you move further north from Tribeca you will hit Chelsea. It's located right above the West Village.

This neighborhood on the west side of Manhattan is fantastic if you like to be outdoors or play sports. The Chelsea Piers are right next-door on the Hudson River. This is a center with everything from indoor hockey and rock climbing, to weights, baseball and a golf range. There are also kayak launches nearby. The neighborhood is very walkable, with supermarkets, restaurants, bars, and salons all along 7th and 8th Avenues, which run north and south through Chelsea. The area has tons of bars and nightclubs and is a destination for people traveling from other parts of the city.

Battery Park

If you want to be able to walk to work and have an awesome view, then look at Battery Park. This is the southern-most neighborhood in Manhattan (where Wall St. is located). You will have views of the Statue Of Liberty and the Hudson River. There is a large park (Battery Park), as well as a wonderful esplanade that is perfect for jogging and running. You could head out to the esplanade or Manhattan Greenway and get some exercise in before work. You'll be right on the water, which is much more fun than running indoors on some treadmill. There are lots of bars located in the area that are packed Monday through Friday. It can be a bit quiet during the weekends because the stock market is closed, but with the revamped Manhattan it's become a cool place for people who are not into the club and bar scene and prefer outdoors activities.