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5 Ways To Make Your Home Energy Efficient Before Selling Your Home

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Not only is it good for the environment if your home is energy efficient, but it is also good for you. When you go to sell your home, its energy efficiency will help you garner a higher price. Appealing to your buyer with a house that's already energy efficient is an excellent choice. Taking these steps will help ensure that you get the best possible price for your home.

1. Change the lightbulbs.

The lights you keep in your kitchen, living room, and dining room are on a lot. This builds up a tremendous amount of heat in a room, which could prompt you to turn on your air conditioner. Plus, the lights themselves cost money to run. One simple step to take is to buy compact fluorescent lamps rather than traditional bulbs. These bulbs take up less energy, though the initial cost may be higher than for regular bulbs. LEDs are another good choice, and they last much longer.

2. Install a clothesline.

A clothesline is much more energy efficient than a dryer. The place you live may impact what kind of clothesline you install, but the best options will be usable for at least part of the year. This allows you, and your buyer, to rely on less electricity or gas, all the while washing as much laundry as you need.

3. Keep the walls insulated.

Injecting foam insulation into your walls keeps hot air from invading your home. The less work your buyer thinks he or she needs to do before living in the house, the better. Keeping the walls insulated shows them that this is not something they need to worry about before the next change in the weather.

4. Install ceiling fans.

Your home will be much easier to cool down in the summer and spring with a ceiling fan. It is not always hot enough to turn on the air conditioning, but you can still be comfortable in your house without the high energy bill.

5. Install a self-timer for lights.

Even a porch light does not need to be on 24/7. Your home will have fewer instance of lights being left on all night if you have a self-timer. Best of all, a self-timer can be used while you are away from home but still want to give the impression that somebody is home.

Making your home energy efficient is one of the best ways to land a buyer. The good thing is that many of these steps do not require additional maintenance on your part.

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