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Tips For Using Professional Movers For A Low Stress Move

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A professional moving service can take a lot of stress off of you during a move. This is especially true if you are moving to a new location where you don't know anyone to help you with the process. The following tips can help you get the most from the service and ensure your stuff arrives safely.

Tip #1: Consider a full service move

Movers come at several levels of service. The most basic service may leave you renting and driving the truck, with the movers doing little more than loading or unloading it. A full service move is at the opposite end of the spectrum – the movers supply boxes and packing materials, box up your belongings, load the truck, drive the truck, and then unload the truck at your destination. They can even help you assemble the furniture at your destination. This can be a major help if you won't have anyone to help you.

Tip #2: Look for added services

If you are going to be swamped with other responsibilities, you can even hire a moving service to handle the more mundane details of a relocation. This includes things like setting up your utilities at your new home, filling out school enrollment forms for your children, or hunting down necessary services, such as local gyms, that you may need.

Tip #3: Request straight-through movers

Moving companies differ in employee practices. In many cases, the guys that load your truck are different than the ones that drive the truck, which are also different from the ones that will unload everything. It is possible, though, to have straight through movers. In this case, your packers, loaders, drivers, and unloaders are the same people. This gives them more ownership over doing a responsible job and treating your belongings carefully, since they cannot blame any accidents on the previous crew.

Tip #4: Keep sensitive items with you

Although moving services can handle the bulk of your move, there are a few things you should take care of on your on. All important paperwork should be packed by you and kept in your car or suitcase instead of loaded onto the moving truck. You may also want to pack and move valuable or irreplaceable items yourself. Also, make sure that either your home insurance policy covers the move, or that you have taken out an umbrella policy for moving just in case something does go wrong. To learn more, speak with a business like Bekins Van Lines Inc.