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Learn How To Have Your Child's Belongings Removed From A Rental Property When They Are Incarcerated

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If your son or daughter has recently been sent to jail for an extended sentence, all of their belongings will need to be removed from their residence, if they are renting the property. If you live in another state, it will be very difficult for you to be able to pack up their belongings and move them on your own. Hire a property manager and a moving company to take care of the work for you. The following guide walks you through the process of having items removed from a home when you are not in the state.

Hire the Property Manager

A property manager needs to be hired to ensure that everything is removed from the property, the property is left in good condition, and that nothing is stolen during the move. You will need to send the property manager written authorization to be able to have the items in the apartment removed. This can often be sent by fax to speed the process up a bit.

Hire a Moving Company

The property manager will more than likely have a moving company that they work with regularly. You can have the manager hire the company for you, but you will need to sign a separate contract with the moving company to ensure that both you and the company are required to abide by the agreement that is reached. Be sure to discuss with the moving company the fact that the items will need to be packed, removed from the home, and transported to a storage facility. This will increase the cost of the move, but it will make it so that you do not have to go to the state and do the packing yourself.

Rent a Storage Locker

You then need to rent a storage locker for the items to be kept in until your son or daughter is released. Have the property manager go into the home to find out how much space is needed to store the items. Get a locker that is large enough to hold everything, and have the manager be present for the moving process and be responsible for purchasing and placing a lock on the storage unit. The key to the lock should then be mailed to you so that you are the only one that can gain access to the locker.

Once everything is removed from the residence, the property manager will send in a cleaning crew to do a thorough cleaning of the home and let you know if there is any major damage that needs to be repaired in the home. The property manager will charge you for the cleaning and repairs, but it is worth the cost, if your child can get back their security deposit or at least not have to pay additional fees for the damages.