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2 Things You May Not Know About Renting A Pet Friendly Apartment

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If you have a dog and are looking for an apartment to rent, you might become discouraged rather quickly as you look, because many landlords do not allow pets. There are some that do, though, and you can find one if you look hard. You should be aware that the landlord may have extra requirements for tenants that have pets, including paying an extra deposit. Here are two other important things you should know as you rent a pet friendly apartment.

You May Need Renter's Insurance

When you rent an apartment, you have the option of whether to purchase renter's insurance or not. If you don't and the apartment catches on fire, your landlord's insurance policy will not cover your personal belongings. The insurance landlords have only covers the actual structure of the building.

Because of this, you may want to have renter's insurance just so you feel more protected; however, in some cases this is not an option.

Some landlords that offer pet friendly apartments will require renter's insurance. This is primarily because of the risks involved with some types of pets, especially dogs. If your dog bites someone, it will be your renter's insurance that covers the damages. This is why landlords sometimes require this for tenants that have pets. Luckily, renter's insurance is very affordable, costing on average $15 to $30 per month.

You May Need A Pet Resume

Finding an apartment that advertises that it is pet friendly is not always a guarantee that the landlord will accept you and your pet. The landlord may actually want to meet your pet first, and he or she may require a pet resume.

A pet resume is designed to tell the landlord more about your pet. It should include the history of shots the pet received, the breed, and the general nature of the pet. It should also include steps you take on a regular basis to keep the pet healthy. For example, if you have a dog, the pet resume should include the way you handle flea and tick prevention. You may also need to get a letter from your veterinarian that states the vet's opinion about the dog.

If you have paid for obedience classes for the pet, you should clearly state this on the resume. This is a good feature to reveal, and it may help you get approved for this apartment.

Many landlords are leery of allowing pets in rental properties, because pets can damage properties, but there are some that will. To learn more, contact an apartment building that advertises that they are pet friendly.