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Two Reasons To Re-Key Or Redo The Locks At Your New Office Space

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If you've just rented office space in a building, you might have already evaluated the exterior security, such as guards, lighting, controlled access to the parking lot, and the like. But you should also take a very good look at the locks you have on your office doors. Even if you're renting a simple room, there are two good reasons not to use the locks and keys that were already installed on the door. Either re-key the lock or replace the entire thing to ensure more security over the long run.

Control the Site

You have to re-key the locks on your office doors for the same reason you'd re-key the locks on your home after moving in. It's to prevent anyone that has a key to the original lock from getting in. Sometimes these are ex-employees who want to cause trouble. It doesn't matter if your company has nothing to do with the previous companies that rented the space; if the ex-employee doesn't know there's been a change, you could suffer the effects of the ex-employee's wrath.

You could also have to deal with people who are merely bored and looking for something to do. If they have a key that they know works in one of the office doors, there's really nothing to stop them from trying to get in. It's not a good idea to have keys to your office floating around. At the very least, ask the landlord of the office building to re-key the lock, or let you get someone to do it. 

Better Physical Security

The other reason to change the locks or replace the whole mechanism -- is to upgrade the strength of the lock. Older locks may not have the same amount of strength or have the same number of anti-bump/pick features as new locks. Schlage says to look for a Grade-1 certification; this is the toughest certification available. Some Grade-2 locks can be used in commercial settings, but these aren't as sturdy as Grade-1 locks.

Whether you re-key or replace, though, have a commercial locksmith take care of the work. This will give you a guarantee or warranty on the work and can prevent a lot of rookie mistakes during installation. Reader's Digest notes that, a plain contractor (who isn't a locksmith) may not install the lock correctly, resulting in worthless security.

To discuss re-keying and replacing locks, or to pick out a high-security lock with lots of anti-bump and pick features, contact a commercial locksmith. He or she can show you which brands have the best security features available, making your office a very safe place to be.

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