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Three Tips for Beautifying Your Home's Library

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If you have a very crowded bookshelf in your living room or bedroom, it doesn't make much sense to ignore it during your spring cleaning. Especially if a lot of your books are old and worn out, there's a lot you can do to improve both the bookshelf's attractiveness and its functionality. To help you choose which books to pack away for long-term storage, read and remember these three tips.

1. Pack Away Books with Unusual Shapes and Sizes First

Your bookshelf will look a lot better if most of the books on it are approximately the same size. Therefore, unless you really enjoy repeatedly looking through a large rectangular picture book that juts out from the bookshelf, it doesn't make sense to let the book's presence reduce the cohesion of your other books. The same applies to any book that's much larger or smaller than normal.

Another reason for packing away oddly shaped books is the fact that they're much more likely to get damaged due to the fact that they don't fit correctly among other books. If you make sure that abnormal books are some of the first that you deal with when you're choosing books to pack away, it'll be much easier to accommodate them.

2. Don't Prioritize Packing Away Books You've Already Read and Enjoyed

If you've already read and enjoyed a book once, there's a good chance that you'll want to do so again. On the other hand, if you were gifted a book a long time ago that you have no interest in reading, it's unlikely that you'll ever open it.

You want to keep your bookshelf interesting for both yourself and for any visitors you may have. If you're not even interested in some of the books on your bookshelf, it's less likely that any of your guests will be enamored, either.

3. See Which of Your Older Books Look Better without a Book Jacket

While some books simply become ugly eyesores when they age, others have thick jackets that will protect the actual book surfaces from wear and tear. If you have a lot of old books with decaying jackets, see which of them look good with their jackets removed. You can always put the jackets back on the books for extra protection during long-term storage.

Although more and more people are switching to ebooks and audiobooks for their reading needs, books are still important because you don't need fancy electronic devices to read them. Additionally, while you shouldn't think of your bookshelf as a purely decorative object, it has an amazing way to spruce up an otherwise drab room when it's properly cared for.

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