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Three Essential Moving Supplies You Probably Didn't Know About

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Boxes, box cutters, and tape—oh my! You have all of the supplies you need to begin your move, or so you thought. Don't be caught off guard on moving day. Below are three moving supplies not to be forgotten.

1. Carpet Protection Tape

Whether you're taking your carpets with you or leaving them behind, carpet protection tape is a good thing to have on hand while packing and moving. This will keep your carpets from tearing, ripping, or becoming frayed while heavy furniture pieces are moved.

Worried about the heavy foot traffic in your home on moving day? Carpet protection tape helps with that too. With the tape in place, there'll be no need to worry about ground-in dirt or other inevitable stains. And removal is quick and simple so you can pick up and go.

2. Partitioned Boxes

While bubble wrap is one way to protect your most precious dishes and other fragile items, it's not the only way to do so. Partitioned boxes are boxes with divided compartments. The compartments are separated by padded pieces of cardboard. These boxes can be used with or without bubble wrap.

Partitioned boxes can be found at liquor stores, but you can also purchase them from the moving company you're working with. These are great for glass bottles, such as glass food bottles or liquor, as well as cups, plates, and bowls.

3. Padded Moving Blankets

Protect your belongings from scratches, dents, and scuff marks with a padded moving blanket. Even if you're working with a moving company, these may not be provided as a courtesy. These blankets are also a great way to protect flooring, as they can be placed under tables, chairs, and other furniture pieces to be slid across the floor.

Like anything else, quality matters. You cannot expect to buy the lowest quality blanket available and get the same protection as the higher quality ones. It's not always necessary to get the highest quality blanket (made from cotton) as the middle-of-the-road polyester blend should be all you need.

Don't add to your moving worries—the three moving supplies above can help to protect your belongings and make your job an easier one. If you're using a moving company, speak with them about the supplies they have available. If you're moving on your own, or your moving company does not provide these, the three supplied listed above can be purchased at any home improvement store. To learn more about moving supplies, visit Route 37 Self-Storage