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Tips For Merging Two Households Into One

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If you're about to get married and you and your spouse both live in separate apartments, your first big decision will be to decide where you will live after the wedding. Once you choose a house to move to, your next big decision will be deciding what items to bring to the new home. This can be a challenging event for some couples, but here are some tips that may help you and your soon-to-be spouse make these important decisions.

Start with the furniture

As you begin making these decisions, you may want to start by thinking about which furniture you will want in your new home. You will probably only need one set of furniture for each room in your house, and you can base your decision on:

  • Sizes of the rooms – Find out the dimensions of the rooms before you begin the process because this could help you rule certain items out.
  • Colors – You may also want to consider the colors of the furniture items in your decision, as well as the colors of the rooms in your new home.
  • Condition – It's also important to consider the quality and condition of the options you have. Even if your couch isn't exactly the right color for your new living room, it may be the better option because of the quality and size.

After choosing which furniture to keep, you could start planning on selling the other items. You could do this by having a garage sale, or you could sell the items on free classified ad websites.

Work on the remaining items

Each of you may have items that you want to keep because they are sentimental or valuable to you in some way and that is fine, but you cannot keep everything. You should each go through your things and decide which items you want to keep for sure, and these should be items that you simply cannot part with.

When it comes to the rest of the items, you must realize that you only need one of many things. For example, think about the kitchen items each of you have. If you both bring every kitchen item that you own, you may not have enough room in your new kitchen to hold everything. You will both have to give things up to make this move successful and to ensure that your new house isn't cluttered.

Once you begin this process and are able to make these decisions, you can begin planning your moving day. You may want to schedule a moving company to help you move the items from both apartments all at once, or you could schedule the services for different days. For more information, contact Walsh Moving & Storage or a similar company.