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How To Get Your Clothes Ready For Dry Cleaning

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If you have any clothing that requires special care, you should bring them to your local dry cleaners. This includes items of clothing that don't respond well to regular water, as special dry cleaning solvents are used at dry cleaners. Instead of just dropping your clothes off, there are some things you can do to get them ready beforehand.

Read the Label Tags

Not all fabrics can be dry cleaned, just like not all fabrics can be machine washed. Take a glance at the tag on each item of clothing to determine what the best way to wash them is. Most fabrics will say "machine wash or dry clean," which means you have an option. Some items might also say "dry clean only." If there is no mention of dry cleaning, it is best not to clean them with this method. You don't want to ruin a perfectly good pair of pants because you mistakenly thought it was supposed to be dry cleaned.

Mark the Stains

While your dry cleaner will most likely find large stains, it helps to mark them so that you can let them know what caused the stain and where they are exactly. Any problem areas should be marked with either a pin or a masking tape, as neither of these items will ruin the garments. Keep in mind the source of the stain or make a list of the stains you have so you can explain them to the dry cleaner. They have different types of spot cleaners to clean different types of stains, so it helps them get them out when you know what they are.

Don't Spot-Clean

Even if you have what you think is a good spot cleaner for stains, don't try to remove them yourself. It is possible that the ingredients in your own spot cleaner are only good for washing machines and won't do well under the dry cleaning solvent process. Instead, keep in mind what caused the stains and mark them, so that the dry cleaner can remove the spots.

Empty the Pockets

Take a few minutes before you head to the dry cleaners to empty all of the pockets. Even if you make a habit of emptying your pockets every time you get home, you would be surprised by how many times a lipstick, pack of gum or piece of paper gets stuck in the deep corners of your pockets. If a small slip of paper has the wrong ink on it, it can cause a bigger stain of your clothing during the dry cleaning process. The dry cleaner will also check the pockets, but it helps to be extra cautious.

Talk to the Dry Cleaners

Talk to the dry cleaner technician (such as one from Chris French Cleaners) about any concerns you have. After showing them the stains and telling them about the source, let them know if you are concerned about a broken zipper or loose button. They will be extra careful with those clothing items.