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Understanding And Removing The Different Species Of Termites

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Unfortunately, once you see some of the damage caused by termites, your home already has extensive damage. To prevent this from happening, you need to know what to look for, so you can treat the problem quickly. With this additional information, you will have a better understanding of how termites function, so you can remove them from your properly.

Interior Termites

Since 45 species of termites exist, it is easy to get confused. However, only four known species actually damage structures, some of which are interior termites.

Interior species build their nests in the walls, crawlspaces and attics of homes using a series of tunnels to get around. The two main types of interior termites look for dry wood or damp wood. Generally, you will see small holes, tunnels and sawdust when your home has extensive damage.

Identifying these termites before they wreak havoc on your home is the best protection for preventing the problem. Having an annual inspection by a pest control company is a good method for identifying these types of termites. The exterminators have experience with locating even the smallest trace of these pests, so they can find a reliable solution to your problem.

Exterior Species

Some termites live outside, either above or below ground. These ones are easier to spot, since they form distinct nests. For the ones that live above ground, they make a nest similar to a large ant pile.

The below ground termites use mud tunnels to get around your property. In some cases, they build these tunnels on hard surfaces such as concrete walls and window glass. When you see these tunnels, you know that you are dealing with a subterranean species, which can help you to determine which removal method you should use.


Once termites are found, you have a few options for handling the problem. You first course of action is to have a pest control company kill all of the larva and workers, which will destroy most of the population. Usually, they use a special chemical mixture that exterminates the problem.

During this process, the technician must find the entire nest, so that he or she can spray the areas where the queen will reside. Since termites can build multiple nests in one area, the technician will look for any other signs of a smaller one that may be housing a new queen. With their assistance and knowledge, you can get rid of your termite problem before too much damage is done to your home. For more information, visit sites like www.hilotermiteandpest.com.