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Pros And Cons Of Using A Keyless Entry System For Your Business

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As technology keeps evolving, the keyless entry system is becoming a reality for many businesses. These systems use things such as remotes, pin numbers, and ID cards to allow access to a business instead of the traditional metal key. If you are considering having a keyless entry system installed at your business, consider the pros and cons in the following key areas.


Using a keyless entry system can provide a major benefit for you as a business owner. You will have access to features such as seeing when employees enter or leave the building, as well as get alerts when people try to gain entry illegally. Since these types of locks are digital, it is easy to grant or revoke access to certain people. Long gone are the days of hiring a locksmith to rekey all the locks in your building after an employee leaves the company.

For some people, this type of technology is not as comforting as the reliability of a traditional metal key. Keys simply work, and you do not have to be concerned about power outages that can make your system inoperable, or technical glitches that prevent access when your employees need it.


A traditional lock is very straightforward with how it works and will require very little maintenance. At most, you may need to get a new key made as it wears down from being used every day.

A keyless entry system does require significantly more maintenance. Get ready to deal with the occasional software glitch, firmware update, and even completely update the system as the technology becomes outdated. This means that you'll be spending a lot more money on a keyless entry system, which might not be worth it for the added security.


You cannot compete with the simple cost of a traditional keyed entry system, as they are a standard that has been in use for years. A single keyless lock can cost as much as $191 to have installed. This might make it out of your price range, especially if you have many locks in your business. Keycard entry systems will also cost money over time, as you need to update and replace key cards as they are lost and damage. Traditional keys will always be a fraction of the costs.

Now that you are aware of some of the pros and cons of keyless entry systems, you can make an informed decision about if they are best for your company. For more information, contact Roland Park Lock And Key or a similar company.