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3 Unique Places To Hide Your Spare House Key

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If you would like to make sure that you are not going to end up locked out of your home waiting for a locksmith, you might want to come up with a creative way to hide your spare key. This way, should you accidentally lock yourself out, you will be able to get back in without any problem. To help you come up with the best place to put that spare key, you should check out the following tips.

In The Bottom Of A Birdbath

Do you have a birdbath in your yard? If so, you can hide your spare key in the water. Simply place your spare key in a sealed bag so that the key will not rust. Then, lay it in the bottom of the birdbath, covering it with small rocks or pebbles so it is out of sight. Then, you can add the water. This is a great hiding spot because it is highly unlikely that a criminal trying to sneak into your home is going to start digging through the water in hopes that there might be a spare key there.

In An Opening In The Vinyl Siding

Take a close look at the vinyl siding on your home - especially on the side of the home that is most out of view from the neighbors. Can you find a little opening in the siding where a single house key might fit? If so, you can hide a spare key there by simply sliding it into that opening. Just make sure that you are not pushing it in too far so that you will be able to easily retrieve it when you need it. You could help yourself with the retrieval process by attaching a small ribbon to the key. This way, if you can grab onto the ribbon, you can pull the key out without any issues.

Under The Dog House

Your dog likes you. He might not like strangers. At least that is what your common criminal might think. Therefore, hiding a spare house key under the dog house is a great idea. After all, most criminals do not want the dog seeing them in hopes to keep the dog from barking - let alone go over to it and start messing with its dog house. Even if your dog is not outside all of the time, the sheer presence of that dog house is a deterrent and a great place for hiding a key. Simply tape a spare key to the bottom of the dog house so it will be there for when you need it.

As you can see, hiding a spare key is all about creativity and thinking things through. The more creative you are with your hiding spots, the less likely anyone else will find the key and the easier it will be for you to get back inside of the home. Talk to your local locksmith, such as LI Locksmiths Inc, if you ever are locked out.