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Removing Pests: 4 Humane Ways To Repel Rodents

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It is not always easy to get rid of rodents that infiltrate your home. Some methods don't work and others are far too messy—not to mention inhumane. Fortunately, a few proven methods work— and are humane, too!

Here are four options for getting rid of mice and rodents humanely:

1. Cover Any Holes in the Walls

If you want to prevent mice and rodents from entering your home, you need to block any holes that are present in the walls. Although this will not get rid of existing mice, it will prevent future mice from entering your home.

You can repair small holes in your homes walls by using a repair kit available at most home improvement stores. Follow the directions on the kit and begin blocking any holes in the walls.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar

There are so many uses for apple cider vinegar, repelling rodents is just one. It works well and it's affordable. Also since it does not use any harsh chemicals, it is safe for pets and children.

Start by making an apple cider vinegar solution by combining a 1/2-gallon of apple cider vinegar with 2-gallons of water. Once the solution is made, spray it around the home both inside and out. Be sure to focus on entry-point areas, such as windows and doors.

3. Keep Your Home Clean

Most rodents are attracted to homes because they are dirty. Any time food—even small crumbs—are left out, mice and rodents come in to feed. The best way to prevent them from entering your home is to keep it clean.

Always do the dishes and wash up before heading to bead each night. You might also want to take out the trash, sweep, and mop—depending on your kitchen. Another helpful suggestion is to move the trashcan farther away from your home.

4. Use Peppermint

Peppermint oil is an all-natural deterrent for mice and rodents. The little pests find that the smell is far too intense and unpleasant, so they avoid it. Peppermint will also help to mask the smell of food in your home.

If you want to use peppermint oil, grab several cotton balls and place a few drops of the peppermint oil on each. Scatter the soaked cotton balls around the home. As mentioned above, focus on entry-point areas, such as the doors and windows. You should also place a few around the kitchen. If you don't want to use the peppermint oil, opt for peppermint plants—which work just as well.

If all else fails, consider investing in some humane traps that you can place around the home. These will trap the rodents without killing them. Once caught, simply take the trap outside and let the rodent run free.

Although getting rid of mice and rodents isn't easy, it is possible—even if you opt for humane methods. If these methods don't work, consider calling a professional exterminator for help. These professionals, such as those from Cavanaugh's Professional Termite & Pest Services, have an array of tools, chemicals, and traps that remove pesky rodents from the home.