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4 Benefits To Putting Business Documents Into Self Storage

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Businesses are required to save certain documents forever, such as payroll records, year-end financial statements, retirement plan records and tax returns and supporting documents. They are required to save other documents anywhere from three to ten years such as contracts with clients and suppliers, expense reports, inventory documents, employee applications and general correspondence, to name a few items.

If your office or warehouse is overwhelmed with boxes of important documents, and you do not have enough space for items you need to access on a daily basis, you need to look into self storage. Self storage units allow you to keep and store important documents safely, while opening up valuable space in your office or warehouse. Below are some benefits of doing so.

Free Up Your Office Space

The most obvious benefit of putting your less important business documents in a self storage unit is more room. You will free up valuable business space in your office or warehouse.

If you previously had a room dedicated to storing documents, you can convert it into another office or workspace. If you just had piles of document boxes scattered around your workplace, you may notice that with them gone, everyone is a little more productive. Clutter can slow people down and overwhelm them.

Keep Your Documents Safe From The Elements

You can store your documents inside of a climate controlled storage unit. This will allow your documents to stay in a space that is the same temperature year round. They will not be exposed to varying temperatures and humidity levels like they would be if you stored your documents in a warehouse or inside of your office.

Keep Your Documents Safe From Prying Eyes

If you have important and sensitive documents stored in your office or in your warehouse, anyone can access those documents. You may have documents that contain sensitive information about people, such as their medical records. You may also have business contracts that are supposed to be confidential. When you store important documents inside of a self storage unit, you can ensure only those who are authorized can access those documents.

Keep Your Documents Organized

Storing important documents in a self storage unit will allow you to organize your documents. Label each box with a letter or a number on all four sides. Then create a spreadsheet for each box that details what is inside of that box. Creating a storage system will allow you to easily access any document when you need it. Be sure to label and detail the contents of each new box that you add to your storage unit.

Call a self storage facility today and rent a place for your documents to be safe and preserved. Once you rent a unit, be sure to keep it organized from the start.