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How To Keep Your Home Free From Bugs And Rodents

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Farmers often use integrated pest management on their crops because it is so effective. This method of pest control combines the use of pesticides along with management of the ecosystem. You can use the same basic principle to control pests in your own home. In your case, you control the ecosystem in your house and yard. Here is how you can use this type of integrated pest control to keep your home free from bugs and rodents.

Groom Your Yard

Rodents and bugs are attracted to piles of brush, stacks of wood, and rubbish. Rodents will even live in old cars parked in your yard. For those reasons, it is important to keep the yard area surrounding your home well-groomed.

Get rid of junk and keep your grass neatly mowed. Don't stack firewood against your home because that helps termites get inside. Also, be careful about placing wood or leaf mulch too close to your house. Roaches love damp, decaying mulch. They live inside it during the day and then come in your house at night in search of food.

Clear Your Indoor Clutter

Clutter provides hiding spots for bugs and rodents. Rodents are attracted to paper and clothing because they can use it for nests. With many hiding places, you could have a big pest infestation and not even know it.

Try to keep your home free from excess clutter, especially paper clutter. Also, clean spills and crumbs after eating, so they do not attract hungry roaches, ants, or mice. Keep your cupboards neat and orderly too. You may even want to store boxed food in sealed plastic containers to keep bugs out of your cupboards.

Don't Leave Out Water

Pests are attracted to food you leave out, and they are also attracted to water. Water is a bigger problem than you might think, especially when it comes to roaches. Don't let dirty dishes soak in your sink over night. And don't fill dirty pans with water to soak on the counter.

Pests like to be around water so they can drink it, but some pests like it for nesting. Carpenter ants like to burrow into damp wood. To prevent that, you should fix leaks under your sink and in your roof, so there is no wet wood in your home.

Hire Professional Pest Control

The other part of effective pest management is to have regular applications of pesticides. The frequency depends on the location of your property, and how susceptible it is to pest problems. You may be able to keep bugs and rodents under control with quarterly treatments.

Another reason to hire an exterminator like American Pest Solutions is being able to get professional inspections during regular visits. The exterminator has the experience to spot an uptick in termite, carpenter ant, or rodent activity you might miss.

You have to be proactive if you want to keep bugs out of your home with as little pesticide use as possible. Bugs and rodents are attracted to the warmth and shelter offered by your house, in addition to food and water. They never give up trying to get inside, so don't let your guard down, or you may end up with an infestation of roaches, mice, or other annoying pests.