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About The Pros & Cons Of Having Electronic Locks For A Business

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Are you considering changing the locks on the doors to your business? You may want to consider electronic door locks because they will give you a high level of security against criminals, as they can be difficult to pick. In this article, you will learn about the pros and cons of having electronic door locks for your business.

What are the Pros of Having Electronic Door Locks for a Business?

One of the pros of having electronic door locks is how difficult it is to remove the bolt from out of the door frame unless it is done electronically. There is an actuator (motor) deep inside of the door frame than secures the bolt in place when the door is locked. The only way for the bolt to be released is by using a card, coded keypad or remote, depending on the type of system installed.

Another pro of electronic door locks is the ability to carry out a quick deactivation when an employee is fired. It is not uncommon for fired employees to not turn in their keys upon leaving, but having electronic cards or codes gives you the ability to deactivate what they have.

There are also electronic door locks that can be monitored remotely. If you travel a lot, you will have the ability to lock and unlock the doors to your business in case someone needs to gain entry.

What are the Cons of Having Electronic Door Locks for a Business?

One of the cons of having electronic door locks is that they can make it easy for a criminal to gain entry if an employee does not safeguard his or her code, if you have a keypad lock. It is not a good idea for you give out pin codes to the keypad in written form, as simply telling the code to employees will cut the risk of criminals learning what it is. Make sure there are strict rules about the type of disciplinary actions that will take place if an employee tells anyone the code.

Another con is the inability to lock or unlock the doors in the event that the electricity goes off in your business. Bad weather can lead to such a thing, so make sure there are other locks on the doors in case the electronic locks are temporarily not operational. You will find more pros than cons with electronic locks, so you can count on the locks, from places like Fradon Lock Co Inc, being a smart investment for securing your business!