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3 Steps To Help You Eliminate Fleas From Your House

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If you keep finding fleas in your house, it is probably because your dog carried them inside. To get rid of this problem, you will need to treat your dog for the fleas, and you will need to perform several steps in your house. By following these steps, you might be able to get rid of all the fleas without hiring an exterminator.

Step 1: Clean Your House

The first step to take in your house is to vacuum it thoroughly. Normal fleas lay approximately 50 eggs per day. While most will land on an animal, many will fall off. When you vacuum, you will pick up the fleas and eggs, and this is one of the best things you can do to eliminate the problem.

When you vacuum, be sure to hit all the important areas, including:

  • All carpeting
  • Furniture
  • Beds
  • Pillows

After vacuuming, empty the contents from the device into your outdoor garbage can. When you finish this, you should work on washing all the bedding that may be affected by fleas. Wash the items in hot water and detergent and dry them thoroughly.

Step 2: Treat the Areas

If you would like to try to get rid of the fleas naturally, you can try using a method that involves dish soap. To do this, you will need:

  • A bowl
  • Warm water
  • Dish soap
  • Tea light candle

Place warm water in the bowl and add several tablespoons of dish soap. Next, light a tea light candle and place it inside the water (if it floats), or next to the bowl of water on a fireproof plate. Place this bowl of water in the room that has fleas and leave it overnight.

The goal of this is to attract the fleas in the room to the water. They will naturally come toward the light of the candle, and this may cause them to land in the water. If they land in the bowl of water, they will die.

If you do not want to use this method or any other type of natural method, you can purchase pesticides to spray in your house. When using a pesticide, make sure you provide good ventilation so the chemicals do not get trapped in your house.

Step 3: Hire a Pest Control Company

If you try these methods and they do not work, call a pest control company, such as Accurate Termite & Pest Control. They will be able to provide services that are guaranteed to eliminate the problem. They may offer several options to you, and they may be able to make suggestions that will help you get rid of the flea problem you have.