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How To Know When The Home Is Just Right For You

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Smart home buyers have a system for locating the home of their dreams. They may list out the features they want to have and locations they desire to reside in. While that is a good start, there are some intangibles that can alert you that "this is the one" when you see it. Most home buyers will tell you that you may have the most well-thought-out list of must-haves ever but when a home speaks to you, that list may not matter anymore. For an idea of what some buyers notice when they see the home of their dreams, read on.

First Impressions Matter – Curb appeal is emphasized for a good reason. The first time you lay eyes on a home you will inevitably form an impression and those first thoughts may stay with you no matter what else you see. Curb appeal is a mixture of the street and neighborhood along with the landscaping and home style that appeals to you.

Boxes Checked – When you do bring out the list you made, it fills many of the requirements you wish for. No home is going to check off all the boxes so you may need to be content with the majority of them instead. You can learn to love features that you disliked at first so trust your gut along with the list of requirements.

Make Yourself at Home – One step into the home and you already feel at ease and comfortable in the home. This is an intangible – a feeling that sometimes comes from the way a home handles light, the traffic patterns, and even the way it smells.

The Couch Goes Here – If you have already begun placing furniture at first sight, you may be smitten. Architectural details and window placement may have you decorating your new home instantly. If you have large furniture or a lot of it, be sure to carry along a tape measure to ensure all will fit as you imagine it will.

Ignoring the Flaws – Anyone that's toured enough homes knows that all homes have their quirks and issues. The degree at which you can ignore problems could indicate that you have found the right home. In fact, you may even find yourself defending the home's less-than-perfect features in an effort to justify loving it.

Emotional responses to homes are not uncommon and nothing to be ashamed of. Homes have meanings that go far beyond the four walls to almost everyone. As long as you can afford it, listen to your gut and you will never regret choosing the home that speaks to you in a special way. Speak with a real estate agent to start looking at residential properties so that you can find your home today.